Be the hero of your story.

@FirstPerson, we co-create and fund adversity-competent, self-healing-centered first-person narrative community storytelling programs for adults impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in their family of origin.

We explore effective and promising practices that nurture internal resourcing and capacity building, facilitate embodied healing, and cultivate our coherent narrative identities. 


Our paid-to-train peer leadership model fosters safe, community-resourced spaces where ensembles are empowered to find purpose in self-healing. Our work strengthens the healing-centered workforce and generates engaged ACEs-informed communities where survivors find their voice to re-story the history they were born into, amplify the narrative they choose to live, and document what they want to share for posterity.

We envision universal, equitable access to ACEs-competent programs that promote brain/body integration, foster the restoration of self-identity and provide the information and tools needed to disrupt the intergenerational transmission of ACEs. 


FirstPerson Narratives is a 501c3 nonprofit in the start-up phase.

There's more than one way to tell your story.

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