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ACEs are only part of the human story.

Healing-centered life story work for adults who experienced less-than-ideal childhoods.

FirstPerson is a nonprofit social enterprise expanding access to developmental adversity-competent, self-healing-centered, and expressive arts-based (DAC/SHC-EA) community wellbeing initiatives oriented around narrative identity.

We’re co-creating our foundational group process and workforce development model, First-person Narrative Identity Work (FPN-IW), to cultivate community-driven programs designed around the needs, assets, capabilities, resilience, and individual contexts of adults impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), chronic stress, and developmental adversity within their family of origin.

FPN-IW distills insights from evidence-informed and promising practices into experiential journeys that nurture embodiment, cultivate agency in self-healing and brain-body integration, and promote personal well-being, connection, and purpose as powerful agents for social change.

We envision an experiential learning curriculum that amplifies and enriches the capacities of community stakeholders (e.g., ACE-impacted adults, well-being clinicians and practitioners, teaching artists, and other community actors), and promotes strength and asset-based resources, lived experience storytelling engagement, and paid compensation opportunities within community-driven FPN-IW Ensembles.

We’re in the start-up phase, connecting with prospective collaborators across various disciplines. We aim to build a diverse, multi-sector workgroup and use our concept as a springboard to imagine, design, and pilot rolling FPN-IW programs and grant-making cycles.

Together, we can heal ACEs in ourselves, the families we create, and the communities where we live.


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